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Opinkirjo offers high quality partnership for organizations and companies who want to find working opportunities in the field of education Finland. Opinkirjo’s network includes highest level of national policymakers as well as local schools and institutions form kindergartens to universities. We may find just the right persons and organizations for your needs.

Tasters of our work as cultural liaison and specialist:

The Finland Phenomenon

World famous specialist Dr Tony Wagner  filmed in Finland a documentary with Robert A. Compton  about Finnish education system. Opinkirjo acted as a cultural liaison in this project

Along developing Japanese curriculum. Opinkirjo’s CEO Minna Riikka Järvinen and senior specialist Merike Kesler were 2008 along in discussions of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) curriculum to be implemented in Japan.

In 2015 Opinkirjo run a seminar on Future Education in Finnish Parliament with world famous specialist like Dr Ted Tindersmith, President Barak Obama’s education ambassador

Opinkirjo’s CEO Minna Riikka Järvinen has also been invited to several international conferences and summits to discuss the trends and needs for global education such as Global Education Summit in Ohio 2011  including representatives from top-performance countries in PISA and Enterpreneurship Educators Summit in Wales 2014 including world leading specialist on the field from all continents such as Dr. Allan Gibb (GB), Dr. Andy Penaluna (GB), Dr. Colin Jones (Australia) and Mrs Fiorina Mugiore from UNCTAD and Dr. Peter Bamcole (Africa).


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