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Resources for teachers, competitions for talented students

Development Centre Opinkirjo acts in national educational policy by taking part in legislative work and creation of national curricula. Opinkirjo also produces and offers trainings and teaching materials for teachers and runs two national competitions for talented students, one of them being national competition in STEM called Tutki-Kokeile-Kehitä.

More than one third of pupils in basic education participate in Opinkirjo’s activities each year

Opinkirjo was established 1947 and has ever since played a significant role in the Finnish society. Opinkirjo is a non-profit organization funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, National Board of Education, The Trade Union of Education in Finland and several other national and international bodies. It has 11 member organizations representing the most important educational organizations in Finland. The head of the advisory board is professor, vice dean PhD Mirja Tarnanen (University of Jyväskylä, Faculty of Education and Psychology, Department of Teacher Education).

Our professionals consist of leading specialists in STEM education, active citizenship and entrepreneurship education. We also have a leading role in promoting after-school activities in school environment in Finland. Approximately 37% of Finnish pupils in basic education (i.e. 1st to 9th graders) take part in Opinkirjo’s activities each year.

Word Opinkirjo – what does it mean?

The Finnish word Opinkirjo refers to the various ways [kirjo] of teaching and learning [oppi, opin]. It echoes also to the milky-way with it’s countless stars, which is called also Kirjokansi among other names. Our aim is to let the youngsters shine like stars.

Smiling boy in our logo

Our logo, the smiling boy Hymy, was first designed by artist Heikki Nieminen in 1953 and re-designed by graphic designer Lasse Rantanen in 2010. Logo represents the virtues of friendship, helping others and existing for your community’s good. Those virtues have been enhanced in Finnish schools ever since 1954, when a competition, where students vote for their companion who best fulfills those virtues, was launched. More than 300 000 Finns have been rewarded with Hymy statue as an accolade of their comrades appreciation.

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