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Privacy statement for the TuKoKe register of participants by Tekniikan Akateemiset ry and Opinkirjo ry

The privacy statement for the TuKoKe register of participants explains how the personal data collected for the TuKoKe competition will be processed.

1 Data controller and contact person for the register

Name: Tekniikan Akateemiset ry and Opinkirjo ry

Address: Ratavartijankatu 2, 00520 Helsinki, Finland

Telephone: +358 (0)9 2291 2291

Business ID: 0117014-0 and 0213545-1, respectively

Contact person: Tuula Pihlajamaa (TEK)


2 Data protection officer

Data protection officer for Tekniikan Akateemiset (TEK)

3 Joint controllers

Data controllers’ roles:

– TEK: technical-scientific implementation

– Opinkirjo: education system and connections to schools, basic funding

Both controllers have the right to maintain personal data records.

4 Data subjects

The register for the TuKoKe competition (hereafter TuKoKe), which is organised by Tekniikan Akateemiset ry and Opinkirjo ry (hereafter “Associations”), contains the personal data of the participants and their supervisors.

5 Purposes and basis for the prosessing

The purpose for the processing of personal data is to organise the Associations’ TuKoKe competition, to award prizes and monetary awards, and to gather statistical data. The aim of the competition is to promote science and technology as well as to highlight fields of study related to them.

The legal basis for the processing of personal data is the consent of the data subjects.

6 Personal data being processed

The Associations will process the following personal data of the participants, supervisors, and guardians:

  • name and year of birth
  • school / day care centre, and place of residence
  •  bank details of those given a monetary award
  • contact details of the contact person for the competition project (e-mail and phone number)
  • guardian’s name and consent for underage participants.

7 Regular information sources

Personal data will be collected

  • from the data subjects themselves
  • for young children, from the group’s supervisor / contact person.

8 Regular disclosure and transfer of personal data

Personal data can be transferred to the Associations’ partners to carry out measures and services related to the TuKoKe competition.

Data will be transferred to

– Lyyti Oy

Data will be disclosed to

– the tax authorities (winners of monetary awards), and to the organisers of the EUCYS competition (representatives to the EUCYS competition).

9 Transfer of personal data outside the EU or  EEA

Personal data will not be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

10 Duration of data storage

Personal data will be stored for 6 months after the end of the Finnish competition.

Contact details will be stored in the register for 12 months for those contact persons who have given their consent to be notified of the next TuKoKe competition (“I’m happy to receive information on next year’s TuKoKe.”).

For statistical purposes regarding the TuKoKe event, the number of participants, town, and school / educational institution will be stored. Statistical data will be formulated in such a way that it is not possible to identify individual people based on it.

11 Rights of data subjects

The data subject has the right to object to the processing of their personal data for the purposes of direct marketing. The data subject can give the Associations channel-specific consents and refusals of consent regarding direct marketing (for example, refuse marketing messages sent by e-mail).

At any time, in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation, the data subject also has the right to

  • be informed of the processing of their personal data;
  • have access to their data and review those processed by the Associations;
  • request that inaccurate personal data be rectified or updated;
  • request erasure of their personal data;
  • withdraw their consent and object to the processing of their personal data where the processing is based on the data subject’s consent;
  • object to the processing of personal data on grounds relating to their particular situation, even when the basis for the processing of this data is in the legitimate interest of the Associations;
  • receive their personal data in a machine-readable form and transmit them to another controller, provided that the data subject has provided these data to the Associations; the Associations will process the data in question based on the data subject’s consent, and the processing is carried out by automated means;
  • request restriction of the processing of their personal data.

The data subject must present their request for exercising the above-mentioned rights as stated under Contact in this privacy statement. The Associations may ask the data subject to specify their request in writing and verify the data subject’s identity before processing the request. The Associations can refuse to carry out the request based on a ground specified in the applicable law.

12 Right to complain to the supervisory authority

Every data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority concerned or the supervisory authority of the EU member state where the data subject has habitual residence or place of work, if the data subject considers the Associations have not processed personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection law.

13 Data security

Digitally processed personal data has been securely saved in the Associations’ data systems and can only be accessed by people who need that data to carry out their tasks. These people have personal usernames and passwords.

The personal data is protected against external access, and the use of member data is monitored. The data subject has a personal username and password protection. The personal data sent outside the Associations shall be encrypted. The work stations and storage media used by the Associations are encrypted.

14 Contact

Any requests to exercise the data subject’s rights, questions on this privacy statement, and all other contact should be made by e-mail to the data protection officer. The data subject can also contact the address below in person or in writing:

Tekniikan Akateemisten Liitto TEK ry
Tuula Pihlajamaa
Ratavartijankatu 2, 00520 Helsinki

15 Changes to this privacy statement

This privacy statement may be updated from time to time to reflect any legislative or other relevant changes. This statement was last updated 9 October 2020.


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